2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Hesitant Throttle & Slow Acceleration


Hey Fellas,

I have a JGC and over the last two week i have been having a throttle problem. It takes 3-5 cranks to get started and when it starts and i put it in drive, it hesitates and slowly accelerates, its even jumpy. Any Ideas. I think it is bad gasoline. I filled it up two weeks ago from a place I already had bad gas problems with, and i replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs, rebuilt and cleaned the throttle body. Anyone else have these problems? it cost $50 to fill up and i only put one gasoline treatment in it, should i put more in? thanks everyone

This is my first jeep grand cherokee and i love it so far. i just hope i dont have to install a new fuel pump


Bad gas gets blamed for lots of stuff. I seriously doubt if your problem is due to bad gas.

I’d be more inclined to suspect more normal things like a bad temp sensor. With that your engine wouldn’t know it’s cold and would have a hard time starting and accelerating. Does it improve when the engine warms up?

There’s a bunch of other possibilities too, like a weak fuel pump or bad pressure regulator. Or even a plugged cat converter. I’m sure others will add ideas.

Has the computer been scanned for stored codes?