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95 Jeep Grande Cherokee issues

My 95 Jeep GC is a great car, but it is now behaving too strangely to ignore. At about 1200 RPMs, when I’m just lightly hitting the gas, the car starts to have a “sputter” feel to it, like it’s running out of gas. Then, after running it on the highway for a couple of hours (I live 2 hours from the nearest city in Alaska) the turning radius practically dissapears and there is a horrible clunking noise and feel when I try to make a sharp turn. This goes away after driving it slowly through town for a while. The sputtering only happens at 1200. I’ve had it at 3 different mechanics, and no one can figure it out. I’ve emptied the gas tank and filled it with Premium and added ‘heat’ to it. I’ve had all the fluids changed out. I see this as two seperate issues, but can not figure out the sputtering thing at all. Does anyone have any ideas?

For the sputtering problem, my first thoughts would be a clogged fuel filter and/or a failing fuel pump. Incidentally, many a fuel pump has been ruined by having to try to force gas through a fuel filter that should have been changed many thousands of miles previously.

Another possibility is that the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is to blame–assuming that this 16 year old Jeep has a MAF. I have to admit that I am not very familiar with Jeeps.

As to the turning problem and noise, this is almost surely a case of failing CV joints.

Yes, these are clearly two separate issues, and just as clearly, your mechanics should be able to figure out the source of the problems.

For the clunking/hard steering have the front axle U-joints inspected for damage/wear.

For the hesitation problem have the Throttle Position Sensor and the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor tested for proper operation.


Just for fun…where you at? Im in fairbanks headed for Central

I"m in Seward…

It sounds like we have some fellow Alaskans here and it is a super day today with a lot of sun out there.

I agree with Testers comment about the TPS sensor. There may be a dead spot on it.