Grand Cherokee reluctant to preform

y 1995 jeep grand Cherokee starts and runs fine until i try to accelerate quickly then it accelerates for a half a second then nothing for a half a second then it accelerates for a half a second then nothing for a half a second etc…etc?.

I first noticed this on long road trips the car would be doing fine on the highway at 75 or 80 in cruse , then when hitting a grade it would kind of hitch and or cough, i would take out of cruse and reduce speed a bit and it would run fine until i hit the next grade and i would have to slow even further . By the time i got home (from Ca. to Ut.) the jeep was barely running at all. Next morning i fired it up NO Problems . I have taken it on numerous shorter road trips with no problems but coming from MT. last week it started doing it again it still starts and runs fine until i accelerate quickly. I do not want to replace the fuel pump unless necessary. Please help

You may have a fuel delivery problem. Check the fuel fiter and pump.

The check the exhaust system for blockage.

How’re the ignition components (plugs, wires, coil/distributor or whatever it has)?

Thats what i am afraid of,I dread replacing this in tank fuel pump because of the skid plate and the receiver hitch. At very least i am afraid it is the in tank fuel filter on the pump that still means i will be replacing the pump.I was hoping for a fuel pressure relay or a crank or cam sensor or something a bit less labor intensive. thanks

I thought that it might be the cat. as it was only happening when she was at temp. but it is doing it when cold now,plugs and wires are good, coil?? and distributor? I haven’t really checked them, it seamed like fuel delivery to me.when she accelerates then decelerates over and over there is no spitting or sputtering it is as if someone were flipping a switch off and on quickly so i guess it could be electrical. But why only on acceleration?

Thank you for your help.