1999 Toledo XJ Cherokee limited, hesitation at tip in when warm

It starts when cold (long crank time) and drives off fine. But after it is up to operating temperature and is turned off for a half hour it starts ok (short crank time)but after it’s put in gear and you begin to push on the gas pedal it acts as if it has a carb with a bad or improperly adjusted accelerator pump. It stumbles as if it were starving for fuel. It does not stall, but acts like it might. Floor it and it instantly responds. My mechanic replaced a cracked coil, bad plug wires, a failing MAP sensor, checked fuel pressure and decarbed the engine. I had previously cleaned the throttle body and IAC. Lately I have added a new throttle position sensor and it did not act up for two weeks but the symptoms returned… Then I cleaned the IAC, MAP sensor and TPS connectors with Miller-Stephenson Contact Re-nu. The vehicle has 134,000 miles and is serviced regularly by the same repair shop the for last eight years. There has been no check engine light or fault codes stored in the computer. This Jeep is in excellent condition and serviced regularly by the same shop for the last eight years. I’ve had it for eleven years.