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2000 jeep grand cherokee coolant system

When driving this jeep, I hear water/liquid swishing under the dash on passenger side. Sounds like waves at the beach. My mechanic has tried everything including changing the heater core. The sound is back. Any ideas what it might be?

It sounds like your AC drain is clogged or that your engine coolant is low. The clogged drain will allow water to collect and slosh back and forth. If the drain becomes fully clogged you will soon see water in the front floorboards. Check your coolant level at the radiator.

? or the drain for the area in front of the windscreen (vent area) may have a blocked drain as well. This is usually an easy fix. Fine the drain and use a some string trimmer line and a light touch to clean the blockage.

Thank you. I’ll let you know what I find.