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Water in the dashboard

a couple of weekds ago, I heard someone ask about the sound of water streaming around seemingly behind the dashboard. I bought a used Camry (04) and I notice this noise every morning after starting and pulling out. I think the answer given had something to do with blocked drain plugs, but Im not clear on that. What is the problem and how do I get it fixed. (Must it be fixed?) Any ideas?

It is probably the air cond. Drain plug is pluged.

It’s most likely one of two things:

  1. The A/C evaporator drain is plugged up with leaf debris and such crap, and the water the A/C has pulled out of the cabin air has no place to go. Eventually the tide will get high enough to slosh over onto the feet of the front passenger. Usually any mechanic can blow out the drain with a blast of compressed air.

  2. There is air in the cooling system, and you’re hearing coolant slosh around inside the heater core and attached hoses. Check your coolant level, top off if necessary, and keep an eye on it.

MrPhil, a slight modification to your #2 answer if I may.

As the air pocket moves through the heater core you should hear a gurgling noise.

My bet is on #1.

These water drain hoses can also be freed up by using a heavy gauge weed whacker line.

I do hear gurgling as well as liquid sloshing around. The heater core? Besides watching my coolant level is there something else to be done? Can I fix the problem? Is it doing damage? (I don’t think its related to the air conditioner because the air conditioner is not being used.)

If you are using the defrost setting, you are using the a/c compressor and creating condensate.

I think I have this problem, too; even the same car ('04 Camry). So, where do I look for the condensate drain, hopefully from the top?