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2000 Jeep Cherokee - Toyo tires

I’m liking the Toyo Open Country AT II tire for my Jeep before winter gets here. I baby this vehicle, so no off-roading for me, but want a jeep-looking tire that is ‘quiet’, too. And, BSW tires only! Anybody have experience with this tire? Other recommendations?

You have a 18 year old Jeep and you are concerned about tire noise . This is a joke isn’t it ?

Driving an 18 year old Jeep and wanting All Terrain tires so it LOOKS like you take it off road is a joke.

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It’s not our place to judge. Does anyone have anything related to the question they’d like to offer?


Check at and see if they have test results and ratings for that tire. They have a useful tire selection guide that steps you through the process. Also Consumer Reports. Every November issue has tire test and survey results, and they are reprinted in various of their publications and may also be available on line if you subscribe.

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Get BF Goodrich off-road tires

That’s what our Park Rangers use, and they only have 4x4 trucks

But most/all true off-road tires will not be quiet

It’s the nature of the beast

If you want your Jeep to look rough and tough, you’ll have to accept some drawbacks, as well

Thank you! Will do. I appreciate your helping out.

I had bf Goodrich advantage t/a sport LT on my list to go out and touch-and-feel… I’ll drill down further to see the off road line. Thanks!!