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New tires

Looking to get new tires for my Jeep Grand cherokee awd. 245/65/17. Trying to get the most bang for the buck— not much over 130/tire Anyone have any luck recently? Thanks in advance!

I would advise going to and reading some reviews along with paying attention to the UTOG ratings. The UTOG is a more important factor than price and you should select tires that are best for the type of driving you do and the driving condtions present.

No tire does everything perfectly and the ratings/UTOG will help you determine what’s best for your particular driving style and the conditions present.
Depending on the tire, tirerack may beat the prices on the same tire at your local tires stores. It depends.

Try, or a similar site to do comparison shopping.

I still prefer to buy from local dealers, but the tire sites are a great source of information, as is Consumer Reports.

Lately, the tires I’ve been most satisfied with were made by Bridgestone.

From Consumer Reports, Nov 08: SUV all season tires --General grabber HTS; Continental CrossContact LX; Kumho Road Venture APT KL51; Cooper Discoverer CTS.

Bad news is none are very good on ice. Michelin LTX comes in best there.

I know my son has been happy with two sets of Cooper Discoverers for his Durango.

Unforuntaly UTOG is absolutely useless factor when comparing one tire brand to another. Each maker uses their own scale. It is only meaningful between the same brand and most respects loosely amongst models.

I have run Cooper HT on my old 92 Cherokee. At 23000 they would not stay balanced. I have went to Michelin M/S now. Just rotated and rebalanced. Don’t know if it’s the 4w drive or what but rotation an rebalancing is a must on the old girl.
Ordering and shipping plus tax then getting them mounted and balanced is likely more expensive than getting them at a dealer at th git go.

try criagslist