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Recommended Rubber

Any input on tires? Im looking at new for 95 jeep cherokee. I like to do some off roading. Im looking at BFG AT KO’s

They both have good consumer review sections.

I have set of 265/75/R16’s on my F-150. They are an excellent compromise of off-road and on road capability. The Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo’s are almost as good. On my Bronco I had 33 inch Goodyear MT/R’s and they were quite good off road.

I did that Thanks but how do i know what those reviews really add up to. Kind of like the mechanics shops paying AAA to be on there list

Thats IS what i read in reviews. Thanks

Personaly I have found the customer reviews on Tirerack to be worthless as well as most customer reviews. One person will say a tire is great and the next one will say it the worst tire they ever had. I trust the folks at the local Goodyear store and have had the best luck with face to face discussions with people that sell a lot of tires.

On customer reviews, I was reading some reviews on Toro snowblowers and one guy complained that he didn’t get a light with his as in the picture. Only problem, what he thought was a light was the muffler and his model didn’t have a light. So much for intelligent customer reviews. I kindof put Consumer Reports in the same category since they rely on reader reviews.

The reviews on Consumer Reports are based on testing. I also respect the long-term averages–the numbers–on Tire rack. On my SUV I have General Grabber HTS, based on the Consumer Reports rating and am very happy.

I try to look for sort of the aggregate. If the customer review data is loaded with bad comments, I figure the pooulous must be sending a message, and if it’s all good comments, I figure the product must be okay. The big problem with tire reviews is that what might be a great tire on a RAV-4 on NH roads might be terrible on a BMW on smooth concrete in the hot Texas sun.

One other problem is inconsistancy in installation. Some shops do a great job balancing and take the time to index tires where appropriate, others are too busy pushing job orders through or trying to sell other services.

Good point

Wrangler Authority being a good example. It appears its a light vehicle tire. Not good on 3/4 ton but not bad on smaller SUV

If you really want to have fun off road, get a spare set of wheels, mount some Wrangler Authoritys on one set for daily driving and light off road detail, and put a set of Interco Super Swampers on the other rims for some real fun at the trails. That’s what my brother’s doing with his '99 Cherokee two door.

Those tires in my book are for Mudding…not really my thing but yeah i hear ya

I have 95 2 door. Do they have shorter wheel base?