2000 isuzu rodeo

I bought a used 2000 isuzu rodeo,the owner said it needed a new relay switch to fix the power windows.i purchased said switch,which operates the power locks but none of the windows work.any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.thanks in advance…Caleb

The data I looked at shows there is a relay located in the dash fuse panel for the circuit power. There is a blue/blk wire providing power after the relay to the control module for the windows. If power is ok there then check to see if ground is being switched on the red/yel wire on the control module when you try to move a window. If no ground happens then the control module may be bad.

I might not have been clear in my post,i didnt replace the relay,i replaced the window control panel i assume thats the control module? the relay for the windows in in the dash fuse panel? what does it look like? could the problem be in the relay? can i check the relay? thanks…Caleb