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2000 Honda CR-V speaker connection question

Hi guys,

Finishing up the restoration of my loved 2000 Honda CR-V by installing new speakers/stereo.

I’m putting in some Polk speakers and when I disconnected one of the rear speakers, I found two clips (see pics). The speaker was plugged into the clip with two wires, but any idea what the other clip is for.
As always, thanks in advance for any help.

Separate leads for tweeters and woofers maybe?? I can’t tell from the pictures. Trace the wires and see where they go.

I assume the wiring harness for every 2000 CR-V was the same, with circuits for every possible optional extra sold that year. It would be expensive and tedious to have different harnesses for each build choice. What you are looking at is for something else, and there’s probably no reason to assume it’s even for the sound system, although it’s possible that Honda had some sort of premium system with separate amplifiers.

Which version CR-V? EX? LX? EX-L?

EX is my model

Thanks all