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06 VW Passat speaker replacement

I’m looking to replace the door speakers in my 06 VW Passat. I have 6.5in Boss speakers which are stated to fit my car. My question is what mounting brackets and/or wiring harnesses do I need to complete the install? I’m getting mixed messages by searching the web. Can anyone help me out?

Do you mean you have some Boss replacement speakers on hand and want to install those in place of the existing speakers? If so suggest to take close-up photos of the connectors (the speaker side) for both an existing speakers and your new speakers and post them here. That’ll probably get the ball rolling on some ideas. If the Boss speakers are exact oem replacement speakers for your car there should be nothing needed for the wiring harness. If they aren’t there’s likely an easy to implement sol’n. After all it’s just coming up w/a way to connect a few wires together is all.

It’s been ages since I bought car speakers but IIRC they normally come with all the required parts.

Are they Boss or Bose?

Boss is a budget audio company out of China. Their radios only last about 18 months. I’ve installed 2. The second replaced under warranty for free. When it died, I didn’t bother getting a new one under warranty as I was wearing out the clips on my dash replacing the stupid things!

Hopefully the speakers last longer for the OP.

Make sure the impedance matches the existing speakers. And don’t reverse the polarity on the wires. That’s the best advice I’ve got.

You might also check out for some guidance. More than likely they’ll want you to buy the speakers from them before providing removal instructions… but it costs nothing to check.

I’ve never worried about changing speakers but my son did and just got those that were the same size mounting, or at the worst get those speaker cover that are proud of the door panel. Speakers have positive and negative tabs so like everything else, pos to pos and neg to neg, same as the old speakers.