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Will a harness spliced for a 1999 CRV work on a 2002 CRV with the same replacement radio?

I had a 1999 CRV and I replaced the stereo with an aftermarket one. That car was totaled and I removed the aftermarket radio and wiring harness, then replaced the car with a 2002 CRV with a stock stereo. I plan to replace it using the aftermarket radio + harness. These cars are different generations but it looks like the wiring harness should still work. Does anyone happen to know how I can go about figuring this out?

One of the easiest things to do would be to compare the connector and wire colors between the two. You say you spliced into the old harness so the original wires and their colors are intact up by the connector, no? Expose the connector on the newer car and compare the wire colors and positions. If they match, it’s a pretty sure bet they are fully compatible…

Aparently so.