WEIRD problem with speakers

So my [rear] speakers are starting to go out. Lately i’ve been noticing that either the left or right channel will temporarily quit playing sound. Today both speakers went silent.

I can make them come back to life when I move the thermostat slider on my dashboard. For instance, If I move the slider from the full heat position to the full cool position, at least one of the speakers will start playing sound. Both speakers will work if the slider is between the extreme cool and extreme warm positions. Huh? Confused? Help.

Oh if it helps, the rear speakers are NOT factory speakers. Also, my CD player sometimes goes out for a few seconds when I move the thermostat from cool to hot.

Do I need new speakers? Can a car audio place diagnose this? The speakers play good sound, when they actually work.

87 Accord. Thanks to anyone who can help.

no pull radio or heater control out you have exposed wire shorting out against the metal heater arm .

I agree with boxwrench that the problem is not in your speakers but behind the dash. Likely it is in the wiring. Did someone at one time install new audio by twisting wires together back there? Pull the radio and check the connections.

My aftermarket stereo was installed at Circuit City. Don’t know how the installation was carried out. Should I let them have a look at it?

Well, since they are probably responsible for the problem, I’d have to say, “NO, don’t let Circuit City anywhere near your car!” It’s really pathetic how many cars’ electrical systems are messed up by the morons who do installations at car stereo chain stores.

Did they use an adapter, or did they cut the factory wiring harness? I’d be surprised if you knew the answer, but it might very well make a difference.

The heat control should not interfere with the CD player or the speakers, but because someone botched the stereo installation, it does. They will probably NEVER admit this, but it’s true. The problem may be minor. A loose connection somewhere, and just a slight pressure from the heat control cable is enough to break contact for the rear speakers. Wait a minute. BOTH rear speakers go out together? That’s not good.

If done correctly (and it’s NOT difficult) a stereo installation should be problem-free for the life of the vehicle.

Maybe you SHOULD ask Circuit City to look at it, just as an educational experience.

Please let us know the outcome of your visit to Circuit City.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be hard on you, but it really bothers me when this stuff happens. Car stereo installation it NOT difficult, and if done properly it should be extremely reliable. Doing it yourself is easier than you can imagine, given the proper instructions, and it upsets me when someone spends good money and gets a shoddy job from people who claim to be “professionals.”

OK, I’ll get off my soap box now.

Thanks, it will have to be after the holidays though. I’ll get back to this thread.

I’m with mcparadise here. This sounds like shoddy installation, and there is no good reason for it. It’s not hard to get it right, and even low paid Circuit City “installers” should not mess it up. The problem is almost certainly that the heater control is moving a wire bundle and either causing a short, or just pulling on the wires enough that the connector isn’t making good contact.

I’ll bet they used those “clamshell” jumper splices with the little piercing points that pierce the insulation and create a connection when the splice housing is closed. I hate those things.

A proper installation uses an adapter plug and ties or wraps and secures the harness. But these places don’t typically do that.

I agree that the unit needs to be pulled and the installation checked. There’s just no way around it.