2000 honda civic build

I’m a car enthusiast looking for someone who can shed some light on my projected build, I am wanting to put a v8 diesel engine into my 2000 Honda civic, I also want to convert to symmetrical AWD, I understand from some peers that stretching the body and building a new frame may be in order. is this true? I want to build a street sound car that can also rule the local street guys.

You’re better off buying something with a V8 diesel already in it. You are right; putting a V8 diesel in a Civic means building a new frame and strengthening all the components. After all that expense you will still have a poor handling vehicle.

If you want a street sound, get a loud muffler and put it on a standard Civic.

+1 for Docnick. This idea has “money pit” written all over it.

With the extra weight, you might consider putting the Diesel engine behind the front seats and in front of the rear wheels. You probably want RWD anyway. I saw this done with Corvairs back in the day. Since it is likely that the body will be the only think left that is stock, I imagine it will be costly. If the cost doesn’t scare you off, Isuzu diesel engines have been fitted into cars and trucks that they were not designed for. You can find kits for the retrofit. I suspect if you put the engine amidship, the drive shaft will be inches, not feet, in length. Wanna try this with an old Corvair?

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Sorry just can’t stop laughing. After you are done with that flight of fancy could you build me an amphibious Camry around this engine.

This is a really bad idea

I sure hope this guy has at least 2 cars

Because “modifying” your only ride like this is a recipe for disaster

This project is so totally bizarre–on so many levels–that I have a very hard time believing the OP is serious.

The vehicle you suggest is so eclectic that I cannot figure out what your goal is… or what it would be good for.

But hey, if you have deep pockets, a wild imagination, and want something different, you have my blessing. A friend of mine who’d restored some Sunbeam Tigers (he has a small collection, and drives only these cars) put the body of one on a 4X4 chassis. Anything’s possible. Keep in touch.

As others have said… I hope you have another car too.

“This project is so totally bizarre–on so many levels–that I have a very hard time believing the OP is serious.”

I couldn’t have said it any better than VDC did. Having a welder can be a dangerous thing sometimes.

Have you checked out the transportation section of the magazine racks? There’s quite a few magazine titles that specialize in Japanese car modifications to make them high horsepower street-brutes. I have no idea how to do what you want myself. You need to somehow plug into that community.

I think this is just someone yanking our chain. As an owner of an '03 Civic that handles great, a big V8 gas or diesel would just kill any kind of decent handling no matter what you did to the frame and suspension. If the guy wants to build a dragster and put a Civic body on it that’s OK and that’s really what he is talking about.


Oh, what a jolly joker…

Had a friend that put a v8 in an mg, he had to beef up the front suspension big time!

Fella by the name of Carrol Shelby used to put V8s in little British sportscars. Worked out well.
My friend’s Sunbeam Tigers have V8s in them. That worked out well too.

But a big V8 and 4WD in a Civic? I think not. :dizzy:

I think OP would get better all-round street performance w/a high compression turbo- or supercharged- v6. The engine would be light-weight compared to a big v8, which would boost 0-60 times and eliminate some of the suspension issues, and even better, easier to fit in the available space.

But if OP wants to install a V8 in a Civic, with the proper design modifications, budget, and timeframe, it is definitely doable.

Don’t forget, he also wants to make it a 4X4.

Frankly, even a big V8 without the 4WD would require a custom subframe, a total custom powertrain, and a whole lotta very major body surgery… especially considering that the body on a Civic IS the frame.

Frankly, He’d probably be better to just buy an AWD Audi,

I think OP prefers a car more unique than an off the shelf Audi. Part of the objective is to prove that something which seems close to impossible actually can be done, and done well.

I know. I was being facetious. :smile: