Can you mount a Longitudinal engine transversally?

If I wanted to, could I mount a longitudinal engine transversely? So let’s say I have a V6 in my car that is trasnverse and I wanted to put a V8 in there. Could I put it in transversley?

For enough money that’s possible when you consider that Jay Leno installed a World War II V-12 engine in a home made roadster. But I can assure you that the devil is in the details. I learned the hard way when I agreed to install an 80s Mazda pickup drive train in a 1960s Ford Falcon Ranchero.

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What motor and trans combo are you thinking of?
Almost guaranteed to require a FWD trans.
I saw a rabbit with a caddy north star and trans. Impossible you say? Nope

Additionally… which make and model of car?

You may have seen my other post about my 01 Concorde, I want to make it a sleeper. I just leanred it ~doesn’t~ have a transverse mounted engine. For a guy who is into cars you think I would k now that. :man_facepalming: Anyway, it has a 3.2 V6 and I wanted to put V8 of any sort in it, but it is FWD and I know for a fact know that my trans won’t be able to handle that. What do I do then?

Will motor A adapt to trans B?
The first Acura RL had a north/south layout
But they rotated it in 2006 versions.

… which would not “mate” to that engine unless the OP had an adapter custom-made by a machine shop.

I would have to replace the motor and trans, but my car now as-is is automatic. Also, is there any chance of me making it a manual transmission? Or is there no hope in that

What motor do you want? Are you trying to impress someone?
V8/manual trans fwd? Uh, no

I just want a V8 becuase it will handle a turbo and more power. And no, I’m not trying to impress anyone, I just simply want to enjoy my car.

There is a Chrysler 300C for sale near me for $4500, V8, RWD, 330 horsepower. Save your Concorde emblems and put them on a 300C.


Okay, no :joy:
Every car has sendimental vaule, this car has lots for me. It was grandpas car and he pased two years ago. I want to keep this car :joy:

The first chev citation had transverse v6 and manual trans. Had 4 cyl iron duke motors too. Add turbo? Believe it was 60 deg v6. 2.8 liter. The last monte SS had the LS v8 but never a manual trans. Very wide motor as it is 90 degree vee No idea on bellhousing specs
Think fiero had manual trans too

You are planning to destroy your grandfather’s car?


No, I’m not. I just want to make it a sleeper, I will save the money to do so. Also, I want to do it to grandpas car.

He wants to “honor” grandpa by altering the car that the old guy loved, and destroying it in the process of a project that will likely involve thousands of $$ and will ultimately fail to work.


Just becuase you make a car a sleeper, doesn’t mean it will get destoryed. Not if done correctly and properly.

I know a few guys who can custom fabricate metal parts for me for a fraction of the cost, so creating parts won’t be the issue.

Only millionaires can afford to be sentimental with a car.

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I don’t think that’s a good idea my guy. I agree that it would be amazing to see a v8 in a Chrysler Concorde, but I don’t think it would last long without something blowing up.