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2001 Honda Accord Transmission

I purchased my 2001 Honda Accord LX in Dec. 2000, brand new. In Dec. 2002 I receive an automatic transmission warranty extension letter from Honda, good for 7 years or 100k miles. In Nov. 2005, with 85k miles, the trans takes a dump and is replaced under warranty. Sometime in early 2007, ~110k miles, I begin to notice occasional problems with reverse when the car has warmed up, say after 1 to 2 miles of driving, to the point that I avoid any parking situation that requires reverse on level or uphill ground. Backing up is like trying to tow a ton of bricks. Things go from bad to worse so, in Nov. of 2007, ~128k miles now, I contact American Honda for help and, of course, they refuse despite my several attempts and reminders that I have been a repeat Honda owner since 1990.

My Honda mechanic tells me I can;

1. Drive 'til the trans dies completely.

2. Have a cheap rebuild, which he recommends against.

3. Replace with a new or remanufactured Honda trans.

My mechanic recommends either 1 or 3, my choice. Pay me now/pay me later syndrome. While I trust my mechanic w/ my life/wife he admits he can tear down and rebuild a Honda engine but won’t deal w/ trans. rebuilds, not worth it he says. Go w/ a factory rebuild he says. I say been there done that & it failed.

So, long story here but if any Honda trans. experts out there have any suggestions, short of the $2800 trans. replacement, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

btw… In my web reviews I find that 2000 to 2002 Honda’s seem vexed w/ trans. problems.

much thanx… mustanged

No one has done any tests, or troubleshooting, of the transmission, have they? You need a transmission shop to check the transmission, read the trouble codes in the engine computer (if any), and in the transmission module (if any).
Does the check engine light (symbol) come on? Does the Transmission shift position indicator, on the dash, D4 flash?

Thanks hellokit… I sincerely appreciate your response and your advice.

Driving tests have been done. Troubleshooting? Do you recommend anything specific?

My mechanic (ASE & Honda certified) has discussed w/ our local Honda certified trans. shop (not a Honda dealer) and their opinion is that the trans. will need replacement, now or later. Trouble codes have been read and diagnosed. No check engine light, no D4 flash. The only idiot light showing is the SRS light, a problem w/ a seat belt sensor that I have not yet addressed but will do.

I know my Honda mechanic from since he was a kid, know his parents as well. As I said before, I trust him. My post here is a last ditch effort with the hope that someone out there may have experienced the same problem and arrived at a less expensive, yet probable, fix. Likely I’m dreaming but I have nothing to lose in the attempt.

Thanx again

Happy trails… mustanged