2000 Ford Mustang - The first 100 miles were great

Just bought a 2000 conv v6 mustang. It ran well for 100 miles then pulled to a stop sighn and wouldnt go forward? It has nothing in forward gears, works great in reverse no foward at all. No smell of burnt fluid and has tranny fluid full. What a soloinid , computer or ??? Please help

Great car, may be a big problem. Presuming automatic trans, first step is to verify gear selection commands/levers are reaching transmission. Any diagnostic codes?

When my classic-era Ford truck (C4 automatic) experienced that symptom it was in the shop for a full transmission rebuild the next week. Rebuilding did the trick.


You probably just found out why the prior owner sold the car.


No Check Engine light?


or flashing O/D light?

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Reverse OK but no forward gears could be a shift cable problem or major internal transmission failure. Either one would not be unusual for a 22 year old car.

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Well, I would revise your statement as follows:
MY first 100 miles in this 22 year old car…

Did you have it examined by your mechanic prior to purchase?
Do you know the car’s maintenance history, specifically its history of transmission fluid changes? (There should have been at least 7 trans fluid changes over the past couple of decades)

It’s not likely to be a solenoid-related problem, and is more likely to be a mechanical issue with the trans. My advice is to have it towed to an independent trans shop–NOT to a chain-run place like Cottman, Mr. Transmission, Lee Myles, or–worst of all–AAMCO.

With any luck, the indy trans shop will find a relatively minor problem, but I think that you should be prepared for some bad (expensive) news.


Used trans go for $350. Rebuilt are 1800 or so. Fairly reasonable. Most shops can swap them out.

Repairing an old car cost much less than buying a new car. I would be willing to spend $4000 for a transmission replacement over spending $40,000 for a new car.


Not the end of the world to need a new transmission. I’ve bought a few. One time heading to work my trans went out. Had it towed to the shop and picked it up on the way home again that night, a little poorer.