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2000 Ford Mustang jumped out of gear on the highway

Car jumped out of gear while going down highway. It will take reverse but not drive.Fluid is good.

Tell us way more about your car and we’ll see if we can help.

Its a 2000 mustang automatic. We were traveling in town turned left at red light and when we gave it gas to go , it wouldn’t. Just rpms went up. Pulled over and put it in park and pulled back down to drive and it wouldn’t go. It would go in reverse but not drive.Fluids are good but the car was put up for about 6 months for brake issues but got those fixed.

Transmission time , just avoid the chain type shops.

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Yup, gotta agree with @VOLVO_V70 Time for a transmission rebuild most likely.

Make sure the engine and transmission mounts get checked, as well, just to be sure excess movement isn’t pulling the transmission shift cable into neutral.

Thanks for the info…We were afraid that’s what the problem is BUT just wanted to check with someone else before taking it to the shop…Have a great day!

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