2000 Explorer AutoTrans Flare btwn1-2

75,000 mi - Does anyone who know why automatic trans. “surges” between 1st and 2nd, manually shifting it doesn’t. Can a code reader really read the trans problems? How much is this to repair? Thanks in advance for any info relating to this.

Confirm something for me. For us transmission guys a “Flare” and a “Surge” mean two different things. Help me to understand what the problem is. A flare is where the transmission actually slips as it is shifting. For instance, your transmission is shifting from 1-2, as the transmission is hitting 2nd the engine rpm’s increase 2 or 300 rpms before finally settling down. A surge would be a harsh or overly “firm” shift sometimes snapping your neck kind of shift. So tell me exactly what you feel when the trans is shifting from 1-2. Can a code reader read trans problems? Yes and no. A code reader can read the OBD II generic trouble codes. Depending on the code reader, some can not read manufacturer specific codes. Code readers generally will not read live data from the engine or transmission. A high end scanner is needed to read transmission live data and test transmission systems. For instance, my scanner can tap into a TCM (Transmission computer) I can manually, through my scanner take over the computer and shift the transmission, raise and lower line pressure, lock and unlock TCC. Very helpful in diagnosing problems. How much to repair?? Clarify for me the above “Flare” or “Surge”. Has the transmission been scanned for codes?? Need more info…


Hello transman - someone was kind enough to check this and the code reader found nothing and it was actually between 2nd & 3rd not 1st and 2nd as we thought. We were told it was a flare and it happens when the gas is given a bit quicker than a gradual acceleration. We had read other notes online regarding it possibly being the valve body which was also suggested today, somewhere around $400-500. Does this narrow anything down. Do you think it is the valve body or maybe just the seal(gasket) or any electrical parts related? Does pricing sound accurate? Will driving it like this cause more issues? The filter & fluid need to be changed also. I thank you for your expertise.