Transmission problems

My transmission slips when shifting from first to second - the slips occurs for about 1-2 seconds and the engine races before the shift takes place. It only is doing this when going from 1st to 2nd gear. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer 4 wheel drive

Have you checked your transmission fluid level? That’s the first place to start.

Have you checked your transmission fluid level? That’s the first place to start.

And while you are checking the level, it might be a good time to change it. You did not tell us HOW MANY MILES it has on it, but I suspect it is past time. Sorry to say likely the owner’s manual does not say anything about it, but it should be done about every 30-40,000 miles.

What you are feeling is called a “Flare” Depending on which transmission you have the problem is either a worn intermediate band or a worn intermediate clutch. Either way, the transmission needs to come out and be rebuilt.


I checked the fluid and it is full. I have changed the fluid once and it has 125,000 miles on the vehicle

I test drove a new 2010 Accord that was doing that… I was not impressed…

If it is full and you’ve got that problem, then transman is likely dead on accurate. Your only saving grace would have been if you were low on fluid and then MAYBE you would have been able to correct it by topping off the fluid.

But Joseph Meehan is right - at 125,000 miles the fluid really should have been changed at least 4 times by now. Unfortunately, the manual only tells you to inspect the fluid, except under “severe duty” where it tells you to change it every 30k. They really should have that change listed for normal duty as well, though they intend the inspections to call for several changes at less predictable intervals.

So to protect yourself in the future, I’d highly recommend sticking with the severe duty schedule…