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Ford Explorer intermittent transmission problems-slipping

I have had problems with my trans slipping for months. I take it to the trans shop and no codes for the computer to read equals no repair. What is the possible problem?? The actual transmission,or the electronic sensor?

What did the trans shop say other than not getting codes? Did anyone test drive it?

Describe “slipping” - do you mean that you step on the gas, the engine revs, but little to no power makes it to the wheels? If so, the the clutches are probably slipping, and as far as I know that just means a rebuild is on the horizon.

If you mean something else by slipping then one might look at electronic issues. Your description doesn’t leave much to go on. I assume that you have checked the trans fluid - ?

It slips between first and second…the engine revs way up and then it shifts to second. It does this between first and second and second and third. It hesitates to shift into drive sometimes from park. I can be driving along and it will feel like it is out of gear-the engine revs and I have to wait until it engages the gear again. I have had it to the transmission shop 2x-both times they could not get it to act up like it did for me. I don’t understand why there aren’t any codes on the computer to read/diagnose. The transmission place can’t make a repair until it has a code or it can duplicate the problem. Fluid level is fine… it is checked each time. There are no lights or anything showing on the dash