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Automatic transmission stalls between 2nd and 3rd gear

I have a 4.0 V6 2000 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4. The transmission, which is automatic, is having trouble after the installation of a new engine (for more on that, see previous discussion-- “2000 Ford Ranger with electrical, engine issues”).

The nature of the trouble began with two check engine codes. I forget the number, but one meant it “had no second gear” and the other meant it was having issues shifting from 2nd to 3rd-- which makes sense to me because it thought there was no 2nd.

Ford dealer used a special wrench to line up something or other between the engine and transmission – camshaft, driveshaft, I can’t remember exactly. He replaced a sensor and a gasket it had blown on the transmission – which he said that gasket never blows.

Anyhow, he thought he had it fixed. But he test drove on a four lane. When I drive in town (red lights, frequest stopping)…it still has trouble shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Instead of shifting, the rpms shoot way up, it doesn’t go anywhere, and I have to let off the gas and try it again before it will shift and get along little doggie like it should.

I called Ford, they said to use the shifter to shift it manually. This seems to work, so there’s hope for it yet. Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

I need to know what codes were set. I would let a local auto parts store put a code reader on it. Write down the codes and post back with them and we can go from there.


The DTC codes would be something like: P07XX, or P08XX. Whatever the codes, bring them here.

The only code registering is a “misfire monitor malfunction.” I forget what it’s number was.