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2000 Honda CRV AWD Auto Transmission problem

To: Tranman618 or any smart mechanic that can help ?

When I accelerate in 2nd gear the rpms zoom and then it shifts into 3rd and the rpms quickly go back to normal. If I

take my foot off the gas as soon as this starts the car goes into 3rd slower but the rpms don’t zoom up. I’ve never had a car that had transmission problems. Is this what’s referred to as a Transmission Slipping? Meaning that it needs to be replaced? My mechanic drove it and said the tranny could go in a week or in another 100,000 miles.

You description may qualify as slipping, or it might also be shift flare. I doubt that it matters which because either one of these things indicates the beginning of the end.

Presumably someone has checked the transmission fluid (level, color, smell)? How many miles are on the car and what is the history in terms of transmission service (like fluid/filter changes).

What you really need to do is take the transmission to a transmission specialist. Most general mechanics know little about automatic transmissions. That’s not strange. They are really complicated and really just require people who spend most of their time & training on transmissions only.

If you trust your mechanic, then you can ask for a referral there. Or just ask around among people you know for your best local, independent transmission shop. Don’t go to the corporate chain transmission shops.

If you get an actual diagnosis you can report back here for comment - but if you do, then report back with all of the technical info the shop can give you. Were there error codes stored in the computer, and if so, what were they (specific codes like P1234)? What kinds of tests were run on the transmission’s functions (e.g. line pressures, shift commands…)? Was the engine/engine management system scanned for problems (e.g. like a bad throttle position sensor, etc.).

Anything and everything. Tell them you have a transmission tech friend who lives across the country from you who will be asking you all about it, or something.

Thank You so very much ! Marcia