2000 Expedition Squeaks

My daughters Expedition squeeks horribly. I have tried spraying a liquid grease on most everything underneath but that did nothing. there are no grease fitting either. What can I do? thanks

Need more discriptive info but a common noise is in the sway bar bushings.

Thanks. I thought it was the springs or shocks but i have sprayed everything with grease. The rubber ‘joints’ seem to be dryed out. Are the ‘bushings’ the rubber joints? Am I able to replace them easily or is this something a shop should do?

Still hard to say in writing. put the truck htrough it paces either on the ground or on a hoist with the help of other people pushing, wiggling, moving, and flexing it to produce the noises while you investigate. A poor man’s stethiscope ( length of hose held to your ear ) can help you pinpoint the source. This truck has numerous points of movement that can all be a source of noise. It has A-arms in the front suspension ( 8 bushings total ) and trailing arms in the rear ( 8 bushings ). Both front and rear have sway bars ( 4 bushings ). It could be anywhere…or everywhere !

Under what driving conditions does it squeak?

You have to make an effort to provide us something definitive to work with.