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2003 Ford Expedition Squeaking

2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, 4x2 - issue is a squeaking when driving. It is outside, under the truck. I was told it is common for Fords to make this sound due to linkage connections. This doesn’t sound right. I have 60K on the truck and am looking for possible answers. Obviously, I don’t trust what I’ve been told

No, you shouldn’t trust that info either.

Is this from the dealer’s mouthpiece? Or a lazy, uninterested mechanic? (I’m curious)

Have you had any suspension work done, or at the very least, greased? (I’m not being a Smart A. Just trying to narrow this down)

Noisier when moving fast or slow, turning in one direction or not?

Truck loaded or not?

A squeaking noise list can be a long one.

Anything from a worn/dry bushing to a tired shock to a cracked spring.

Sometimes other symptoms accompany such squeaks.

Can you be a little more specific as to the pitch and (ir)regularity of the squeak?

Your problem may be something as simple as the emergency brake cable needing lubrication. I had this happen on a 2003 Toyota 4Runner. A dab of grease on the cable where it goes into the sheath was all it took. You might try applying and releasing the parking brake several times to see if this makes a difference.