Squeaking helper springs

i have a 1997 dodge ram 3500 dually V10 approx 135000 miles. after connecting my 5th wheel camper (approx wieght 14000 dry), the helper spring squeak between the spring and the rubber boot. grease helps a little but not the solution. do i need to replace the rubber boot or is there any type of anti friction pad?

Are you sure that’s the point of origin of the squeak?
It’s a 1997. All the bushings are probably shot. One common source of squeaking is the bushings that hold the antisway bar(s) to the chassis. The bars rotate in them, and in addition to their drying up and shrinking they can actually wear grooves in the sway bars. Perhaps the added weight is rotating them to a squeaky position.

my mechanic is sure its coming from that point. on monday i’ll talk to him about your comments and have him check the bushings and the anitsway bars. thank you, i’ll post what we find out.

This must be one tremendous squesk if you can hear it while in the cab, why not stick with the mechanic that diagnoised the squeak? he would probably be the best to work this out, myself I can’t think of any thing but disassembly,cleaning and lubing, pretty involved. I conclude you just want something to spray on it.

i am sticking with my mechanic, but he not sure if just changing the blocks will solve the problem. we called the dodge dealership and they are not sure either, of course bring it in. i tryed a spray, no help. i’ll talk with him monday and see what he said about the bushings and antisway bars.