Are my new struts bad?

I just had new struts installed (front and rear) in our 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. Got it back from the shop today, and I can still hear the rusty bedspring squeak when I go over bumps, although its not as quite loud as before. Anyone know what would cause this? Did I get bad struts? Or maybe I didn’t need struts in the first place and the bounciness/ squeaky noise was due to something else? Thanks!

Well I hope that the struts weren’t all replaced only on the basis of a squeaky sound.

I’m sure that the sound never came from the struts. Check all suspension system bushings, including sway bar bushings. I’m sure you’ll find the squeak there somewhere.

The springs are part of the strut assembly. Clamps hold the spring in place. The bottom clamp is a fixed part of the strut, the top clamp is bolted on. Between each clamp and the spring is a plastic cup that follows the contour of the clamp. Chances are that this plastic cup has worn through or is missing and that is causing the squeeks.

Bounciness is weak shocks and struts.

A squeak in the suspension can be anyone of a number of things. The usual cause is dry, aged sway bar bushings. These can usually be lubricated pretty easily; and NOT with WD-40. Silicone based grease of some sort is the best method.

Other things that can cause a squeak or creak can be control arm pivot bolts, dry ball joint or tie rod end, (front end) or trailing arm bushings, etc. (rear).

Thanks for the responses, I’ll take it back in and have them check some of these other items.