Brakes sound really bad



i have a 1991 dodge intrepid and the brakes sound like there’s no pads left.

but when i remove all the tires i see great condition pads&shoes…the rotors and drums look ok too.

what else could it be as it’s an intermittant sound but it sounds horrible like i’m metal to metal

thanks in advance if anyone can help


It may not be the brakes. Check for bent brake shields and a possible wheel bearing going bad. Have you taken the pads out and turned the rotor by hand? Or, removed the drum, and rotate the rear axle by hand to eliminate any wheel bearing noise?


i will research into wheel bearings then and cv joint up front then and thanks for the suggestion too

i did have the front pads off and the rear drums off too

it just puzzles me with it being an intermittent noise


i have found the source of the best satisfaction of brake noise reduction is one can of brake parts cleaner per rotor, pads, caliper, and all parts. clean off ALL the residue, and hand grease from the parts.

if the noise is still there it would seem you have a bad bearing.

any change in brake noise when turning (both ways), braking or letting off the brakes?

does the noise sound, then go away when you press the brakes?