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I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota extended cab pickup with 136,119 miles on it. On July 20, I had the front passenger side brakes worked on. the mileage then was 133,732.

The dealer put in a new pad kit, brake fluid, two calipers and a rotor.

After I got the truck back I noticed that when I applied the brakes I would get a small clank, or clack sound from the brakes. I didn’t happen all of the time, maybe three out of five times, but it has been fairly consistent. It usually happens when I haven’t applied the brakes for a short or longer period of time.

I took the truck back in after about two weeks and the dealer told me it was the brake pads adjusting. I never heard of that before, but I went on my way thinking it would go away.

At 134,014 miles I had an oil change and asked the dealer about the sound again. They examined the brakes and said again that it was the brake pads adjusting and it would go away after about a thousand miles.

Obviously that hasn’t happened even now at 136,119 miles.

Any suggestions?

Properly installed brake pads do not “adjust”. That’s pure BS. They need to go back over their work from “square one”, including double checking to be sure they used the right pads and actually did use the retainer clips.

By the way, they changed one rotor? Something isn’t right there. Rotors should be changed in pairs.

Thanks, that is what I thought.

After looking at the invoice again, they did charge for two rotors.

That’s good news. But they still need to flip the calipers up and recheck the pad installations. The sound you describe is not normal or acceptable.

Thanks again.

This is not likely but not impossible. Make sure that your lugnuts are tight so the rotors can’t move within their stud hole clearance. This could happen after braking when backing up.

Loose front suspension component?

Thanks. That is something even I could check.

On the other hand, I really only notice this when going forward and braking.

Your truck uses anti-rattle clips at each end of the brake pad between the pad backing and the caliper adapter. One or more of this clips may be worn, tired, or missing. You might just have them install an entire set of new clips on both sides.

Hope this helps.