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Help Me before I loose my sanity

Yeah guys love your show when I can catch it. I have '04 F150 that has had its two front rotors replaced approx 6 mos ago. Lately I’m hearing an intermittent thumping sound coming from the front left whenever I press firmly press on the brake pedal. However the when the pedal is press lightly there is no sound. At time the thumbing can be felt throught the steering wheel. So what’s up? Is it an easy repair or do I have to spend megabucks for a repair. Can you plaese help me before I lose mind.

Do you remember the manufacture of the rotors? I am thinking of a quality issue.Are you willing to do a wheels off brake inspection?

I’m sorry I’m too late for the loosing. The brakes need inspection. The brake caliper may be banging against something each time the pedal is depressed. A slow brake application gives the caliper an opportunity to move slower into contact with whatever, and not “thump”.