Groaning brakes


after reading about the groaning brakes

on the liberty jeep. hope maybe someone

can help me. do they make the caliper

slippers for a 97 mercury cougar? i have

had this problem since it was new. i had

the ford dealership do a brake job about

9000 miles ago and still does it. the ford

dealership said it was a humidity problem.

i don’t think they know either. my wife

has about drove me nuts with her complain-

ing about the noise. any ideas out there>



My wife has just complained about the same noise as she left the driveway yesterday.

I told her that after two or three brake applications the noise will disappear.

A half hour later at our daughters house she phones, the noise went away, what was it?

Overnight rust build-up on the rotors. Common problem ever since discs brakes showed up.


i thought the same thing about the overnight rust on
the rotors. i have removed the wheels and cleaned
the rotors. did not make any difference. i have
driven 100 miles and more at times, riding the brakes
hard stopping when i could, it helped some but still
it would still groan. i have a hearing problem, but
when i can hear it, it is bad.
anyone else got any ideas?


Hmmmmm, sometimes slightly worn wheel bearings will emit a groaning sound until they start grinding and squeaking.