2000 Chrysler Sebring LXI door handle

Can someone please tell me how to take the outside drivers side door handle off ?

No one else answered and I do have a Sebring. I haven’t had this problem but I am sure you need to begin with the interior door. I looked at my car door and there is a plastic panel that appears to be easily removable in the cabin. I do know that more often than not Chrysler Sebring’s interior parts are often the difference of a few screws and more often a lot of snapped on fasteners.

I have never done a 2000 Sebring, but generally, you remove the interior door panel, disconnect the actuator pushrod from the exterior door handle, and remove some nuts, usually two, from the backside of the door handle, then slip it out from the outside. I have never seen a car or truck that is not done this way.