95 Camry- replace inside door handle

I need to replace the inside front passenger door handle on my 95 Camry. I have found the handle available on the internet. However, in looking at the inside door panel, I cannot see how to remove the old/broken handle assembly. Do I need to remove the entire door panel, and if so how is that done? Are special tools needed? Is this a reasonable afternoon project?

No. You don’t have to remove the door panel.

Place a flat bladed screwdiver between the top of door handle bezel and panel and pry out. Do the same to the bottom of the bezel. Once the door handle bezel is out, move it towards the rear of the vehicle to unhook the rod from the handle.


Thanks. Is the replacement door handle assembly easy to re-insert, hook onto the rod, etc? Can I assume nothing will fall away or snap out of place when the current broken handle is removed?

p.s. I assume the “bezel” is the plastic housing piece that surrounds the moving part of the door handle.

I appreciate the help!