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2000 Chevrolet Venture won’t start or turn over

will not start or turn over. all lights and sounds work. battery is 4 months old. ran fine , filled with gas and wouldn’t start.

Too many possibilities. Is oil level correct? Have you tried jump starting it? Even a new battery can be discharged to the point of not having enough juice to crank the engine but illuminate the lights. If jump won’t turn over the engine, my first step would be to attempt to see if the engine is seized by using a breaker bar and socket on the crankshaft to see if it is possible to turn over the engine. You could pull the spark plus first, engine should turn easily.

Put the transmission in neutral and then see if the engine starts,


Good point, I forgot about that!

AAA tried to jump start and it didn’t make a sound. I’ll try putting
it in neutral. thanks