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Chevy Venture 2004 Power Issues

Have replaced the battery and the alternator. Lights are working. But wont start without a jump. wont restart. Have had 2 mechanics look at it… First one replaced the alternator twice and checked the battery. Second one charged the battery, changed the altenator again, then ran a wire from the alternator to the battery ( so I could drive to work) It worked for 1 ride. and wont restart. Could this be an issue with the computer… Am I missing something??

When it doesn’t start, does the starter motor turn the engine over (rrr-rrr-rrr) or not?

it just clicks

Could be the solenoid in the starter motor. Quickest way that is not too expensive is to buy and install a rebuilt starter. Or take the starter out and take it to an auto electric shop. How much DIY do you want to do?

Have someone inspect the positive battery cable connection for corrosion.


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