2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee wouldn’t start

I was driving my Jeep and it drove just fine, no problem starting. I park It and when I came back out 30 minutes later it wouldn’t start. it tried to the 1st time, and then didn’t after that. and then it just kept turning over when I went back to get it - it just went click click. it wouldn’t turn over at all when I put power in the battery, it still wouldn’t turn over. I took a battery in, hooked it to the starter and the starter was toast. Was it the starter all along or could it have been a different underlying reason way didn’t start in the 1st place? it the automatic a 6 cylinder no 4 wheel drive.

It may have been both. A failing starter which ran down the battery. If it is not a daily driver and If you make a lot of short trips it may be running down the battery where the alternator does not have time to fully charge it. You could take the battery to an autoparts store that tests them and see what condition it may now be in.

Based on your test it Sounds like you need a new starter. But first Check your grounds. Sometimes that can cause a starter to not work well.

There are some simple tests you can do with the car running to test your battery and alternator. Plenty of Youtube vids to guide you. good luck!

I agree! starters do not last forever especially on a 18 year old vehicule.The starter probably cranked the engine 35,820 times based on 6 starts a day.Usually the solonoid copper contacts wear out and are to blame for your no start situation.