2002 Chevy Venture Starting Problems


Started needing a jump. Turned the key, but nothing happened. Lights and radio ok. Drove fine after the jump.

Next day, same thing. AAA battery service came out, and ran a whole test. Battery was holding a low charge, ignition and alternator fine. Changed the battery, it was also leaking, and car started fine.

Next day, same thing. AAA came out again, and all tested ok. Brought to mechanic, and he replaces a couple rusted connections for $133 or so, and car works ok.

Next day, same thing. I checked some fuses with a multimeter, and the ignition fuse tested on and off. So I used sandpaper to clean the fuse contacts. Car works fine.

Next week, same think. Check a few fuses, but no response. leave it over night.

Next morning, it works! I didn’t do anything!

I have a family and this is the only car we have. I don’t want the to get stuck somewhere, but I don’t want to pay a mechanic to keep swapping out parts either. Help!


Have you had the battery and charging system tested yet? Many auto parts stores will test them for free right in the car (takes about 5 minutes). I wouldn’t be surprised if you just need a new battery.


As I wrote above, I just got a new battery. The ignition and alternator tested fine three times in the past two weeks.


Where the positive cable connects to the end of the fuse/relay box is another cable connector as well.
(Under the red plastic cover)

Remove both, thoroughly wire brush clean and replace wrench tight.

These connectors have a habit of corroding.

Also, ensure (by removing /cleaning and replacing wrench tight) all the ground connections are good, including the engine to chassis (firewall). This ground is usually in the form of a strap.

If the battery cable connection at the starter hasn’t been checked /removed/cleaned and replaced wrench tight, do so.

I always type in ‘wrench tight’ as too many people tighten the nut by hand and think that’s good enough. NOT.


Does you car have a security system?

Do you know if it has a main relay? If so it may be the problem.


Yes, it has PASSKEY-3. The security light does not come one. Is the relay among the fuses? If so, I will try to check that tonight. Thank you.


I meant, the security light does not come ON.