Volkswagen bettle 2000

i left my car parked for a week in the cold.when i went to turn it on ,it just barely made a noise but was unable to turn the engine over.when i went to jump it today,there was no turning over noise at all.the indicator lights went on but nothing this more than just a dead battery?and keeping it attached to another car for a while did not help .thank you for your assistance.steve

Just how cold is it? I tried to start my car after 4 wks (away on vacation) and nothing. Put battery on a charger and it is not taking much of a charge. It is a new battery, but perhaps the cold (10 last night, and 17 now) is playing a role.

Your battery could simply be dead. If you can put a charger on it that will warm it up a bit and perhaps it will recover. If the jumper cables you used were cheap (and many are) they don’t transfer much current. A jumper box might work better, but some of them are not up to the challenge in severe cold.

Get good jumper cables, hook them up properly and let the donor car run hooked up for about 30 min. before trying to start it again. When trying to start the car have someone rev the donor car up to about 1,500 rpm and see if you get lucky.

You did not tell us how old the battery is.  If over four years and (you did not tell us where you live) you live in a cold climate, I would replace the battery.  The old one may last a couple of more years or it may already be dead. 

 It may just be a poor connection on a battery cable etc.   If you have a chance you can bring the battery into most any auto part store and they will check it for free.  Their test is about 90% accurate.  

Good Luck