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2000 cavalier turn signal buzzes

I have a 2000 Cavalier, 2.2L, with a multifunction switch. For several months I have had no front right turn signal, even after I changed the bulb; but the rear one worked so I left it alone. Now, the entire right side does not work, and when I set the switch to a right turn signal, there is a buzzing from the switch, and the indicator stays steady. Where is my problem, please? Thanks in advance!



There may be a bad ground connection, possibly in a bulb socket.

Clean the sockets, front and rear and replace both bulbs. Ensure there is no corrosion at the wiring connections.

If you have a double filament bulb (for turn and brake light), one filament may be broken and the wire touching the other.

The problem may be with the flasher unit under the dash. I would try replacing that first. If the right front light still has a problem then the wiring to it and the light socket need to be checked out. See if the 4-way flashers work ok for all the corners. That may prove the wiring to the light is ok if it shares the light as the turn signal. If replacing the flasher doesn’t change things then the trouble may be with the switch.