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2000 catera vehicle speed sensor

i had advance auto check out the car computer and it gave a code for vehicle speed sensor, just like this site said was my problem a couple of weeks ago. so i ordered the part craweled under the car and the part is very similar except the induction barrel is twice the size of the original and the cable connector is in line with the part whereas the original is at a 45 degree angle. the big new one is the only one that shows up in my searches. the manufacture date of the car is 8-99 sold as a 2000 (of course) any idea?

You need to take the old VSS to a quality parts store who has a counter-person who’s willing to work with you to identify the correct part. And once you find a parts store such as this, stick with them.


thanks. that is the plan for tommorrow. are all catera 6 cyc or could this be a 4?

Nothing to do with your question but I’m curious how do you like your Catera? I had a 2000 model for about a year and was nothing but heart ache, was in shop 4 times for busted oil cooler plus several other issues, lost lots of $$$$ over it. I loved the thing when it was running.

Good luck getting an answer. This post is 7 months old, and he started a new thread last April. Chances are he’ll never see this one.