Honda accord 2001--VSS

Hello–Recently I had a battery replacement and a wheel barring replaced. Once I picked up my car the speedometer started jumping. I took it back into the Sears auto place that did the work. They checked it out and then told me this was an electrical thing and that they weren’t at fault. After about another day the ‘check engine light’ came on. I recently moved so looked up an actual garage in TN that had good reviews and took the car in. They hooked it up to a computer and told me the speed sensor chip was bad. Wanted to charge me almost $550 bucks for parts and labor. Since the car is a manual they said that it was ok to drive it but they wouldn’t recommend that for too long while I saved money. I have seen lots of posts online about doing this yourself. I by NO means am a car person but I have seen that you can buy the speed sensor part pretty cheap online.

My questions are: Is the garage charging me an arm and a leg? Would it be a recommendation to buy the part online and then take it in to be fixed? And if so how do I know which ones are ok for my 2001 Honda accord?


Do you have ABS brakes and is the ABS light on?

I do have ABS brakes but the light isn’t on. Just the check engine light and occasionally the side airbag light comes on even though I took it into a Honda dealer a few months back because there was a recall.

Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t the ABS wheel sensors causing the problem. If it were, then Sears might have caused it, but the VSS is on the transmission so it is just coincidence.

These cost about $100 aftermarket. They aren’t that hard to install though so the price seems a bit high to me. Check with a Honda dealer.