2000 acura not starting

I have a 2000 Acura TL with 225,224 miles, runs very good. Recently it has not been starting all the time. Just grinds and not turn over. If I wait a while then try again, it will start and run very good. Mechanic could not duplicate problem. Checked everything he could think of even all the computers, could not find anything wrong. Anyideas what to do now? I read that someone had the same problem with a 1995-or 98 (?) with their Acura Integra and the dealer could not resolve the problem.

When was the last time you replaced the battery? They usually last 4 to 6 years. It might also be corroded electrical contacts. Did your mechanic check the electrical contacts in the starting/charging system?

“Just grinds and not turn over.” Wouldn’t that point to the starter?

It seems to me that the starter is the first thing the mechanic would check. That’s why I suggested the electrical contacts.

When we hear that terminology it usually means that the starter motor works fine but the engine is not starting. To some, turning over means starting. I don’t know where they ever got it-maybe on TV.

You have to determine if the problem is fuel or spark related first. When it is not starting, do you hear the fuel pump running for a few seconds when you turn the key to on? Try it and if not a fuel pump problem is likely. If you have fuel, then you could have a problem something like the coils, crank sensor etc. Using a spark tester on one of the plug wires when it is not starting, will tell you if you have spark or not. That’s half the problem. Too many possibilities otherwise without it actually failing so the cause can be determined.

Try this: turn the key from Off to Run (not all the way to Start) and listen for the fuel pump. Does it run for a couple seconds then turn off?

If yes: turn the key back to Off, then Run. Let the fuel pump run again until it turns off. Turn key back to Off, then Run… Do this maybe 3 to 5 times. Then turn the key all he way to Start. Does it start right up, maybe needing a push on the acelerator? If so, you may have a leaking injector, or a leaking check valve in the fuel pump assembly.

If no: the ignition switch or fuel pump relay may be bad.

When I say grind and not turn over, I’m thinking engine starting so I can drive. This only happened two times, but worries me that it might happen at a really bad time and place. Battery is good, spark wires are good, don’t know about the fuel pump. I will try what you all have suggested, but hard to know unless it happens again. I think the mechanic checked the ignition switch and maybe the fuel pump, I need to ask him. Thanks for all the input , I do appreciate that.

Ignition switch and fuel pump and fuel pump relay problems can be intermittent, so hard to diagnose.

The “key dance” I suggest has taken care of the occasional non-start problem in my 1999 Honda Civic for years now, and the car has run fine without doing any further diagnosis or repairs.

The non-start problem, in my experience, has been infrequent, and worse when the tank has been low on fuel. As long as I and my wife know to do the key dance, it is a problem easily handled. The car has 152,000 miles on it and if I don’t run it into the ground, I will tell any future owner about this situation. Your experience with your Acura may be very similar and I wish you the best.

My car was low on fuel at the time it wouldn’t start right away. In fact it was really leally low and I wonder if maybe it picked up some sediments from the gas tank. ?? I sound like I know what I’m talking about , right? Filled it up and it’s been doing fine now. ?? I will try the “Key Dance” if it happens again. Thanks for all the suggestions I really appreciate it.

Check the immobilizer.

I will ask my guy if he checked the immobilizer. It has been happening some more. Seems like it happens when the weather is really hot, like 100 + degrees . I’m at a loss, can’t afford car payments at this point in my life. UGH!

Re the key dance: if when you turn the key from Of to Run you do not hear the fuel pump run for a couple seconds, then the fuel pump relay AKA main relay is suspect. It happens more in very hot weather when the interior of the car is very hot. The relay is under the dash. It is not hard or expensive to replace. Some have posted instructions on how to take it apart and resolder circuit board connections that have broken. I have not heard the term immoblizer and don’t know what it means.

You could have a pump that is on it’s way out.
Sometimes working, sometimes not. Those are the hard ones to diagnose.

I 'm pretty sure your pump has a screen in the tank, so sediment would not be a problem.

One recomendation though. You should never leave your tank get that empty. The pump is cooled by the gas that surrounds it. Running the tank too low lets the pump heat up too much.
As soon as mine reads 1/4 tank I start planning on a pit stop.

I replaced three pumps for a guy and On the third pump, I learned that when the gas light came on the man hit the trip odometer and would go another 30-35 miles before filling up. He even went to the extent of (after buying the car) carrying a gas can along and purposely running out so he knew how many miles he could go after the light came on, result 38 miles. That’s pushing your luck.
THat would be nice to know, but always running that low burns out those pumps real fast.