2002 Acura TL won't start

Occasionally, car ('02 Acura TL-S) will not start. The engine turns over, but it does not start. I can “stomp” the brake (yes, the brake) pedal several times take the key out of the ignition and it will usually fire up. Sometimes, it takes two or three attempts, but it will usually work.
Occasionally, it will “slugglishly” start and the ABS and the traction control (exclamation in triangle) lights stay on after it starts. I have driven with the lights on, and it seems to drive perfectly fine. I can let it run a minute or two, turn it off, then restart and it will start with no hesitation and no lights on. The battery was recently replaced. Most of the time, it starts perfectly normal. This has happened both when the engine is hot and when the engine is cold. I haven’t taken to a mechanic yet as it only happens occasionally and I don’t know how to create the problem.

Has the car been in a crash, or in water? Both can create seemingly unrelated electrical malfunctions. But start by investigating connections to battery. Did the new battery have any effect at all?

No crash or water (at least in the 7 years I’ve owned the car). The problem has only shown up in the last 6 months or so and has occurred both before and after the new battery. The battery connections seem to be tight. When the problem happens, everything else seems to work (lights, radio, etc). I’m wondering if it could be caused by a loose ground wire or perhaps a fuel pump relay.

Sounds like you had a bad batch of gasoline in your tank.I would drive it until the gas tank runs almost empty,fill with new gas and see if it improves anything. Don’t rule out a bad fuel pump because they can work erratically for a while then quit for good. I would ask a mechanic to check fuel pressure.

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