2000 Acura TL intermittently won’t start

I just got a 2000 Acura TL 3.2 and it runs great but lately off and on it will not start.

What happens is I get in turn the key all lights etc all work but the car just cranks and will not turn over and you can not get it out of park. one thing I noticed it the anti theft key will not light up as if its not recognizing the key. this has happened to me the last 3 days, it will run be fine and then I go into the house and come back out and it wont start…any thoughts?

If it cranks, it is turning over. The problem is it turns over, but does not start.

IDK about the antitheft key, but I can relate my experience with my 1999 Honda Civic:

Especially when low on fuel, it sometimes will crank but not start. I do the “key dance” and it always starts: turn the key from Off to Run (not all the way to Start) and after a few seconds back to Off. Repeat this cycle a couple or few times. The fuel pump should run a few seconds each time to switch to Run - listen for it back in the gas tank - it’s an important clue if it does not run. After the fuel pump has run and brought fuel and fuel pressure up to the engine, turn the key to Start. Does it turn over and start?

Let’s start with some clarification: Why are you trying to shift it out of park if the engine won’t start?

In some cars, shifting into Neutral will let it turn over if the trans safety switch is keeping it from starting in Park. Owners manuals will have that info.

I know that. :wink:

I wanted OP to explain things so that we can get some insight as to what’s going on.