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2000 Accord that randomly shuts off

As I’m driving down the road, my car will randomly shut off. There is an audible click, the “D4” indicator goes off, and I have no acceleration. If I take my foot off of the gas and put it back on, she takes off again. I had to ignition switch replaced 2 1/2 weeks ago, and it fixed the problem until this week. This morning when she shut off (at 40 mph), the key light was blinking on the dash. When I wiggled the key, she started up again.

I’ve taken her to two different mechanics that can’t find anything wrong on test drives (I will not go to the dealership). Is this the ignition switch again, or possibly something else? Please help!

Do you have a CEL (Check Engine Light) on?

[i] key light was blinking[/i]  What does the owner's manual say about that light?

No check engine light. The garage I took it to yesterday said they cannot check for codes unless the check engine light comes on.

Owner’s Manual says the “Immobilization System Indicator” should blink when the car is turned on or off (which it does). If the car does not start and the light is blinking, then the key could be coded incorrectly. (Car start, just shuts off whenever it feels like it.)

It sounds like something (bad connection, damaged key, improper code set in the security system) is setting off the immobilization system. I strongly suggest taking this to a dealer.