2001 Honda Accord Coupe EX - Shuts off while driving

Can some one help me? I have a 2001 Honda Accord Coupe EX. I AM NOT vehicle maintenance savvy. So I’m driving along at about 40-45 miles per hr. and the car just shuts itself off. I mean it literally just stopped running, it kind of happened in slow motion, it started to decelerate, so I gave it some gas by stepping on the petal, but it didn’t speed up, so I was confused, then the dash lights all came on (like when you first crank up)…then I could feel the steering wheel begin to stiffen, so I got over by using the fact that I was still rolling, and once i was out of the road the car just stopped, still in drive, dash lights out by now, I sat there dumbfounded. So I put the car in park, and turn the ignition and she started right back up. I put in drive and drove home with no further incident, BUT i am really concerned as to what would cause the the car to do what it did??? Any ideas??? I plan to have it looked at this week end.

A mechanic can usually read the codes that were stored when the dash light came on. You should have the vehicle in for a look-see.


When an engine suddenly shuts off for no reason, and then can be restarted, it usually points to a problem with crankshaft position sensor.



Try jiggling the key in the ignition switch when this happens, if you can safely do it. Don’t turn the key to a different position. If moving the key has an effect, the ignition switch may be the source of the problem.

There was a recall on Honda ignition switches some years back. A Honda dealer can tell you if your car is covered. They’ll need you to tell them or show them the VIN.

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My first thought is always the ignition switch and this problem is also present in models not covered under the Recall. That switch problem has been around for roughly 35 years that I know of. Maybe one of these days they will quit routing high current through the switch and send it through a relay only.
Ford does the same thing by routing the cabin blower motor directly through the ignition switch.

THANKS. I appreciate the info.

THANKS. I appreciate the info.