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98 Accord shuts off

I have a 98 six cylinder Accord Coupe with an automatic transmission. Every once in awhile as I’m driving, the car shuts off, including all gauges. I can slip it into neutral and it starts right up. It is purely random and my mechanic can’t find anything wrong. Any ideas? Nothing shows up when it is put on the computer. Do I keep driving it until it won’t restart?

This car should be under a Recall for the ignition switch and this problem can be caused by exactly that.
If this procedure has not been performed have it done ASAP by any Honda dealer. This is free of charge to you, both as to parts and labor.

There are several Recalls (again, this is all free of charge) out on these cars so have them all done at once.

There are several things that could cause this but take care of the freebie first since it’s a common problem.

Thanks . . . I’ll give them a call tomorrow!

I had the same problem with a 94 honda ex, I replaced the igintion switch and never had another problem. It has been two years now.