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2003 Honda Accord shut off while driving

My Accord shut off one single time while driving ~ 20 mph. The car started back up immediately afterwards. Since then, I have driven about 150 miles with no problems. A “good” local mechanic could not determine what had happened, but did replace the battery (needed to be done).

What could have caused this? I know earlier models had problems with the ignition switch, but supposedly that was fixed. I am worried about taking the car on the highway.


Without knowing if the problem is spark or fuel related it’s difficult to get very close on a diagnosis.

The main suspects would be failing fuel pump, electronic ignition failure, main relay failure, or a faulty ignition switch, along with some others.

Some Hondas are under Recall for switch failures but the fact that your car is not one covered under a Recall does not mean that it can’t suffer the exact same problem. There are a lot of politics behind Recalls being issued and it’s quite possible for a non-covered car to quit for the same reason a covered car would.

…and even if the ignition switch is not defective, it could be just plain worn out.