1st Question - Why You Like it

Wow, I get to ask the first question? The pressure! What should I ask??? How about a matchstick series puzzler? :slight_smile:

Ok, why do you like the H3T and/or why would you buy one?

The H3 is a GM Canyon pickup frame, Its your money.

I do not like the H3T. The only Hummer that isn’t a total waste of money is the H1…and then only if you’re invading a foreign country.

I would not buy one. You could not give me one. Their utility value is severely compromised over their “sister” vehicles in lieu of styling (I use the term loosely), the aerodynamics are as bad as it’s possible to design, mileage is horrendous, and the styling is no better looking than the average refridgerator. IMHO people driving Hummers all look like they’re pretending to invade a hostile country.

If you like it, get one. You should not care what I think, or what anyone else thinks.

As has been said, it’s your money to spend as you like.
As for me, vehicle aerodynamics that are reminiscent of a barn door are not appealing.

Who said I like the H3T?

The only way I would buy one is if I needed a pickup truck and the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and Chevy Colorado weren’t available.

Are you asking about the real H3T or a mathcstick toy car? I feel they are both toy cars and won’t buy either.

The H3 is a glorified Colorado/Canyon. The 5 cylinder is totally inadequate. The V8 is the one to get. The front suspension has a torsion bar setup that tends to break when lateral forces are exerted on it (The H2 has the same problem). Basically they are slow on road and somewhat fragile off-road, that does not appeal to me, especially when value for money is taken into account.

Guys who drive the biggest loudest vehicles tend to be…um…lacking, especially in…um…self esteem, which with men, is usually related to…um…you know.

It’s a semi free country so get one if you want. I know Hummers are not as evil as some believe but I will not buy one.

  1. I don’t like getting gallons per mile.
  2. 0-60…measured on a calender.
  3. I can haul more with the back seats down in my Taurus than anyone can in a H3T.